[Bug?] ComponentVelocity on non Characters using Matinee


Hopefully this is the right place for this.

ComponentVelocity on non the root component of non-characters only seems to be set in one place, Movement Tracks of Matinee. This however is only done if the matinee is running. If it is paused or stopped then it will remain set even though the object will have stopped.

Since ComponentVelocity is used to calculate a Characters velocity when moving into the falling state it means that jumping off a paused or stopped mesh has erroneous velocity added on.
As an example imagine a lift that doesn’t accelerate or decelerate but stops instantly at each end (all via a matinee of course). Jumping once the lift has stopped at the top of its movement will catapult a player high in the air. Jumping at the bottom will mean the player is unlikely to leave the ground and possibly even suffer instant falling damage.

I’ve fixed this locally for now but thought I’d check here to see if this is intended (seems odd if so) or just something that no one else has come across. I’m also not ruling out that we’ve broken this on our side somewhere along the way.