[BUG] Compilation Manager 10x slower to compile character blueprint

I noticed recently that one of my character classes based of of TopDownCharacter was taking 13k ms to compile. This was odd because it has a relatively simple object Hierarchy.

I found some threads mentioning that the Compilation Manager might be the cause so as a test I disabled it and my compile times went down to a manageable 1k ms. My understanding is that the Compilation manager is supposed to improve compile times but it seems as though it’s doing the opposite here which looks like a bug.

I’m happy to provide my project privately to Epic if you would like to take a look. Otherwise I’m not sure how to provide reasonable repro steps. I assume it’s an issue specific to my project though I found this thread that pointed me towards the Compilation Manager change in 4.17 as the cause.

Also is it safe to leave the compilation manager disabled? I wasn’t able to find any documentation on it and was wondering what it’s main function is.

Similar Issue here. with 4.18 my character compilation times jumped to 40 seconds, before it was only a quarter of that.