[Bug] Color Wheel Disappears When Auto Save Dialog Starts, Auto Save Waits For LMB release

Dear Friends at Epic,


I was holding down LMB continously and moving around a color wheel for a post process volume,

at the moment the auto save dialog process began (ie, “saving in 10 seconds”), the color wheel disappeared.

but I could still move mouse around and change colors.

And the auto save, after waiting 10 seconds, remained Pending, until I finally decided to release the LMB button :slight_smile:


There is an awkward inbetween state the editor ends up in if you are holding down the LMB in a color wheel and then the auto save process starts, because the save wont finish AND the color wheel disappears


Just dont let the color wheel disappear and leave everything else as it is, I could have then continued choosing color for next 30 min if I wanted to, and when I released the LMB then the autosave completes.

#Thanks for UE4

It’s awesome!


Hi Rama,

Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce this issue in Beta 6 and our internal build. It appears that the color picker is actually still there, but it falls behind the editor window when focus changes due to the autosave. I have entered a report to our database where it will be passed to a developer to resolve. If there is anything else that is having in an unexpected way, please let us know.

Thank you,



I’m happy I helped out the internal build!