Bug: Color Picker Paste Error

I was setting up a Dynamic Material instance, and had placed the set vector parameter node, to set the color. I clicked to set up the color with the color picker, and went to paste the hex value I had copied moments earlier from the material. It seems I didnt have the hex value copied for whatever reason, and had some blueprint nodes in my copy buffer instead. So when i hit ctrl-v, the screen went all crazy, windows everywhere, it looked like it was going to crash the system. After a few seconds, my color picker extended beyond the width from the main monitor past the right monitor, and windows had dropped the color scheme to plain. The dialog for the color picker was still there and I was able to hit cancel, where everything returned to normal. I tested in another window what I had tried to paste, and there was 51 lines of text.

TLDR: Accidently pasted 51 lines of text into Hex Text box of color picker, made a mess of screen and nearly crashed the system.

Perhaps is it possible to limit the number of characters pasted into a text box? Accept the correct number of characters, and cull the rest?

Hello Interitus384,

This is an interesting issue. I was able to set up a test where I set up one material with a Vector 3 Parameter. I then copied that Hex value to another Vector 3 Node Hex value in another material.

I was unable to produce any issue. It could very well be that what you copied exceeded the number of characters that line could except.

If you are willing to post what you copied inside of your new Hex value. I will attempt to recreate what you experienced on my end.

The TLDR explains it best, I thought I copied the hex value, but I didnt. I pasted a very large amount of text.

I just tested it again on a different project, a first person BP, dropped a “Select Color” node , copied that node, and then opened the color picker and pasted it into the hex value.

I also opened a 4.8.3 Project and did the same thing, and got the same result. Pasting large amounts of text into the hex box is a bad thing…

Hello Interitus384,

This is intended behavior. I would suggest only copying the Hex Value from one Material to Another on your Vector Parameter node. I do not know why you are experiencing this crash, but in the future be careful what you copy over.