BUG: Cinematic Video Sequencer DX12 image distortion

There is something wrong with Video Sequencer rendering.
I am trying to make a PNG shots (just a single frame) and DX12 enabled causes that kind of image

Everything works fine in non-DX12 mode.
For RTX I have enabled only Reflections and Translucency.
It does not matter what resolution of image I am trying to render.
This is my setup for Cinematic Video Capture:

Hey there - would you mind filing a report via our submission form?

Hi! @Amanda.Bott I did it at the same time when post this topic. I hope that developers will be able to fix it soon. Thanks.

Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-75174)) says it has been fixed and will be in 4.23 or you can pull the specific fixes if you build locally.