[Bug]Child bp component (skeletal mesh) disapear after editor restart or build game

hi i have a bug with my child vehicle bp, after restart editor or build game i have a mesh disappearing problem, any suggestions?

here link on answer hub

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Hi ,

Please do not bump threads that haven’t gone unaswered for 4 or more days. This clutters the forums unnecessarily and makes it difficult to help anyone. Additionally you have already made a post on the answerhub, which is the best place for bug reports to be made. However, it was posted in the blueprint scripting section instead of bug reports. I have moved it to the proper section so it could be noticed. Please keep in mind that we focus heavily on the bug reports section, so many other sections are not looked at in depth and posts there that could potentially be bugs can be missed. In the future, if you have a bug report, please post it in the bug reports section.