[Bug]Child bp component disapear on editor restart or build game

Hi when i restart editor or build game my child bp have a problem!!! vehicle body(skeletal mesh) disappear (picture 1) and if i set manually mesh and animation BP(picture 2) all work fine(picture 3) to next editor restart or game build, any idea?


Hi ,

Thanks for report! This appears to be same issue reported here:

I have added your information to bug report (UE-18765), and I’ll let you know when I see any update.

just for information, I try 4.9 preview and it don’t fix problem!!! maybe in final release?

Hi ,

issue hasn’t been identified and fixed internally yet, so I can’t put a timeline on when it will make it to a release. I am working to find a reliable repro test case, but without it this may take some time. I would advise making a new parent Blueprint and new children from that, for now.

if you want, i can give you my project for research?

That may be helpful. Can you upload it somewhere and send me a link via PM on forums?

in 4.9p4 same problems, i start worry about 4.9 final??l!!!

We don’t have anything specific placed in 4.9 that would address this issue. You can, however, take a look at suggested github commit recommended in ] and see if it helps.

Hi, i do temp fix with set skeletal mesh and set anim instance class nodes on event begin play but i still wait fix from epic… this is a bug and it can be in every project … so i hope epic fix that(just use my project what i give you for tests)

in 4.9.1 all work without “temp fix”, so i thing problem was fixed