[BUG] Character teleports

Seems that I found a very strange bug guys. When I simulate physics with my character in first person view it starts to move oddly and clips through the walls flying away the map bounds. I print character location every tick and when this bug happens the coordinates numbers just go crazy and reach numbers of 30 digits.Still now I thought it was my error but everything I do the bug reoccur.
It happens almost every time I go ragdoll and only in first person. I think this is caused by the camera clipping through other actors but I don’t know how to prevent it and changing collisions of both my character and static meshes doesn’t
changes anything.
Anyone got a clue as to why this would happen? I’m happy to send more info if desired.

Hi ,

I ran some basic test and I’m not seeing this same behavior. I’m not sure why this would be happening without some additional info.

Would you be willing to create a small test project and post it here? If you would like, you can always PM me a link over the Forums to download it directly from something like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Also, does your camera setup contain a spring arm? I’m assuming no since it’s first person but if it does, make sure that collision testing on the spring arm is disabled.

Yesterday after posting this I made a first person camera with head rotation and now i don’t know why the problems with this are almost gone because my character doesn’t fly in the space anymore but seems that there are still collisions between two or more unspecified components of my character because when I simulate physics the camera glitches.

Here’s a video:

Anyway the bug manifested itself when I was only in true first person camera, in “ragdoll mode” and near any object i could go through like floors, walls, even moving actors like a moving cube.

I know you asked for a project but I’m pretty busy today If i can i’ll send you a google drive link where you can download the folder with the uproject and all the stuff it’s ok?

Sounds good. Just upload a test project whenever you have time.

I’ll be on vacation for the next week but I’ll ask another support tech here to watch for your response.

no problem thanks again mate I have never seen any other support team like this :smiley: keep good working

nevermind I figured it out. If someone need to know how to fix this just pm me