[Bug] Changing values in BP resets mouse

I’m playing with the C++ flying template, and at the moment I’m trying to adjust the camera values within the blueprint, so that the camera is sidescrolling.

I have the blueprint open on the left half of the screen and the engine and my game on the other half. If I change the camera values in the blueprint, either by left-clicking and dragging the mouse, or typing in a value, the mouse instantly appears on the ‘search’ bar, just beneath Editing defaults.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your report. I am attempting to reproduce this issue on Beta5, but I have some questions about your project’s set up. How many monitors are you working with? When you say that you have half the screen being used by the editor, is it in windowed mode or is it “snapped” maximum? Does this still occur in a new CodeFlyingTestPawn blueprint?

Thank you,



I this first image, you can see that am hovering my mouse over the Y-axis for Planar Movement in the blueprint. If I then left-click on that value (which allows me to then change it and enter a new value), the second image occurs:

The mouse cursors pops up to “Bouncers”. When I was using a different sized monitor before, the cursor moved to search, so really I think it’s just moving ~100 pixels up, and not towards a specific variable in the editor.

When I first reported the bug, I using 2 monitors, but at the moment I am only using on monitor – a 15" MBP at 2880 x 1800 with %150 text size. (I can’t change the resolution down to 1080, ■■■■ Apple bug with the GPU)

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately, I am still unable to reproduce this user interface issue. Based on your description of your system, I do not believe that I will be able to get a similar test machine to try further reproduction. The offsetting may be indicative of a resolution error caused by this unsupported OS setup.

Can you reproduce this issue on another machine with a simple Windows OS? If so, I can see if I can build a similar machine for testing. Or, if you have another machine using a Windows shell, does it still occur? That way I could enter a report for a “shelled” OS specific issue.



My best guess is that it has to do with the system I’m running it on as well.

I do have another machine I could try it on, so I’ll install Rocket there and see if it has the same issue.