[Bug] Can't edit default value for struct key in a TMap

I’m trying to have a TMap where the key is a struct and the value is an enum.

In the editor, I am not able to edit the default value for the struct, meaning the elements will have to be added in manually at the start of the game.

I’ve circled where I would expect to be able to edit the default value for the stuck key.

I would imagine the main reason this isn’t possible is that there is no guaranteed method to check whether two custom structs are equal in Blueprints, which is necessary for a map since each needs to be unique. In C++ you could override the operator, I don’t know much C++, but I would expect that would allow you to use a struct in a map correctly. Vectors and Rotators don’t work correctly either though, which could probably be considered a bug.

But that’s the thing, you’re able to use the structs as keys once the node has been placed, but you can’t just do it in the editor. I know a good amount of C++, but using it in Unreal Engine is far more complicated than anything I’m used to. Maybe they’ll open the support of struct maps in later versions.