[BUG] Cannot set members in array of structs


I have discovered that I cannot set a members in an array of structs. I have the following setup:

Whilst ‘enabled’ is explicitly set to true on those two members (or a different two members on the other path), when the array is output by the loop, it is clear that the members are never actually set and they are still false.

This is probably the same bug as this one, but with a simpler setup.

Hey ambershee,

Here is what I am seeing:

Can you explain more about what it is you are seeing? From my end, it looks like you can both get and set an array of structs.


You’re using ‘Set Array Elem’, and effectively replacing the entire struct which shouldn’t be necessary. My example which does not work uses Set Members in Struct, which should set a single member, but does not work.

Whilst what you are doing works and is what I have resorted to, I only want to set one member, and if it’s something like PostProcessSettings, which has so many members it can’t actually be displayed properly in Blueprint, it’s very undesirable to do it this way (especially if you do it frequently).

Here is a known issue related to assigning structs in arrays, so you can follow its progress:


What I posted above is how you’d update structs in arrays, working around this issue.