[BUG] Cannot get the correct value of a skeletal mesh location in the world

So I’ve got situations in the game where AI characters simulate physics, and when that happens, their root components (capsule components) separate from their skeletal meshes. To prevent that from happening, my logic requires getting the world location of the skeletal mesh. I am using the blueprint node GetWorldLocation on the skeletal mesh component, and it is not returning the correct location values of the detached mesh. This worked in 4.6, and broke in 4.7. I don’t think this is a GetWorldLocation node issue though; there are other buggy things going on with the skeletal mesh. The node IsSimulatingPhysics on the mesh doesn’t return the correct value either. I am leaning towards thinking that it is something to do with the mesh.

If anyone has any ideas for working around getting the correct world location of a detached mesh, that would be great.

Oh nevermind. Literally same question asked a minute ago: [4.7] Simulate Physics on Static Mesh causes the mesh to translate to origin - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums