[BUG] Cannot Debug a blueprint function

A few of us have been having issues with blueprint debugging. Figured I should post in this section to and refer to thread…

Hi TorQueMoD,

This is a known issue that we’re hoping to resolve with a large Blueprint Debugger upgrade. There isn’t a timeframe for that currently, but we do have a few bug reports open for it. I’m going to update UE-18206 with information provided in post you linked to, and update it when I see any movement on a fix. Thanks for pointing us towards that post!

More than a year later and we’re all still waiting on a fix for this. Just thought I’d bring it back to your attention.

Hey TorQueMoD,

Here’s a link public tracker so you can keep an eye on status of issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-18206)

There is currently no set date for when a fix will be released at this time.