[BUG] Camera crane changes of pitch and yaw affects attached camera (video attached)

In sequencer I have camera crane with some animation keys attached on it. After each playback camera crane slightly rotates in random direction. But rotation keys doesn’t changes at all!

How to recreate this bug:

  1. Create crane and camera
  2. Attach camera to crane
  3. Set pitch and yaw
  4. Play with pitch and yaw values in editor
  5. Return pitch and yaw values back as it was on item 3.
  6. See the strange rotation at mouth component of camera crane

[Link to video bug representing][1]

Hi yarpoplar,

We have resolved some of the Crane Rig issues in 4.14, including this one. I was able to reproduce this easily in 4.13, but couldn’t get it in 4.14.

Thanks for reporting it!