[Bug] BSP Radial Force Crash

Hi there,

I think I found a bug that may or may not be related to other BSP bugs on here. Any time we try to do a radial force against a BSP, UE4 crashes. After many tests, it appears to only affect BSPs and affects ours 100% of the time. This is not really a problem for us, but I thought I’d report it anyway.

I put together a test to demo it. I just dragged out a BSP box then used the radial force on our character to invoke the bug. Our character has a radial force on it that is disabled. When you hit the letter “R”, we enable the radial force and add a downward force to the pawn. That appears to instantly cause a crash when in distance of a BSP.

All of this is shown in the linked video.
[- YouTube][1]

Image of our radial force


Image of a BSP box

Thank you for listening!

Hi renardchien,

Could you make sure to submit at least one of those reports and then post your Epic ID or Machine ID so we can track it down?

Please include the callstack here as well.

I also attempted to reproduce this with the 3rd Person template but I couldn’t get your results. Can you reproduce the crash in a new project? If not, have you tried to see if you can get the crash to happen in the latest 4.11 preview?

Hi TJ,

Sure, I included the log files with the submission.


Then it says “No minidump found for this crash.”.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t have time to check a new project or test 4.11 until after GDC. I apologize for any inconvenience there.

I couldn’t find a submitted crash report for that ID because it’s not actually submitted if a callstack isn’t produced.

Yeah, that’s fine, I understand completely. I’m going to resolve this post for tracking purposes, but when you get back, just post here to reopen the report.

Have a good time at GDC!