[Bug] Branch blueprint action tooltip text

I am looking at an example blueprint, where the “Branch” action is used (see screenshot).

The connectors say “True/False” while the tooltip says “Then/Else”

I believe this should be consistent to avoid confusion.

Hi Lior,

I have reported this inconsistency.


I would like to report another problem to this. If we press Ctrl+Alt it shows a more detailed tooltip with edit button. But if we press the edit button Visual Studio loads but no file is opened and the Loading Visual Studio toast doesn’t disappear.

Hi Satheesh,

For the record, the functionality you mention is not enabled by default, and must be activated under the Development Tools preferences. Also, I have not been able to reproduce the issue you report. With Beta 6 and VS 2012 (version 11.0.50727.1) the documentation page loads promptly. The issue for you does not appear to be editor-related.


Hi again Satheesh,

I wish to update that we have determined that the issue occurs when a project .SLN file has not yet been generated. I have entered a report for this.

Thank you for the information.