[Bug?] BP chain executing once. then only partialy

Ok so… Weird bug(?)
I have this BP node chain. It sends input to an interface on overlap, plays a sound, timeline shrinks it, then it is destroyed. Simple. It works fine on the first hit. but any other actors of this BP that are touched after do everything except shrink. Sound, interface message, destruction and even the timelines delay before just popping out of existence.

I’m not sure if its something to do with Timelines.

Something else i noticed. while watching it execute. the BP never animates, even on the successful first hit (to any of them). Even break points wouldn’t stop. And if I hooked up an event like Begin play to the play of the timeline or even the Change health message. it works and has the BP Exec animations.

Thanks for any help.

I solved it myself.
Turns out there was some kind of tangling up of applying values to add local transform from 2 different timelines.
Elsewhere in my BP I have another one that is cycling a bobbing animation for the item. Problem was the fact that one is a loop, one is a one off, and they both try to apply to two “Add Local Transform” nodes.
The solution was to remove one of the add nodes and apply all the transforms on a tick basis, from vars. See Pic.

On another note, this is a nice looking way to have an item sit there and spin slowly, bob up and down. and shrink into nothingness when touched. Sort of a standard platformer item style.