[BUG] Bad scaling on UMG

Hi, scaling is bad, and textures are pixelated if the resolution of texture is not power of 2. You can not see that in Editor, but when deployed on devices you can see pixelated textures. Tested between iPad 4 retina and iphone 6.

How to reproduce it:

  1. Blank project, create umg widget with custom size of 2048x1536
  2. Set proper scaling in “User Interface” menu with values : 1536-1; 1080-0.703; 768-0.5; 400-0.26;
  3. Use any texture thats is not power of 2, e.g. 636x164 and set it as button.
  4. Deploy on iPad 4 retina, it will look good, deploy on iPhone 6 and you get pixelated button.

Unreal Engine 4.7.6 downloaded via Launcher. iMac 10.10.3, tested on iPad 4 retina and iPhone 6.

Hello wmbuRn,

I was unable to reproduce this issue on our end. I have a few couple of questions for you that will help narrow down what issue it is that you are experiencing.

Quick questions:

  1. Could you provide a screen shot of the issue that you are experiencing?
  2. Could you be more clear on what you meant by “Set the proper scaling in “User Interface””, were you referring to the project settings?
  1. Will provide screenshot and Project files with random textures soon
  2. Yes

Hello wmbuRn,

The information requested will be helpful in narrowing down what issue it is that you are experiencing. Please let me know what it is available.

Hi, any texture that is not power of 2 set in UMG widget and displayed on ipad will be pixelated (i used round textures for buttons). It doesnt matter what settings are on texture (noMipMaps and UI, or anything else). If you look closely on borders you will see pixels. Need time to make a test project.


and project files are here: Dropbox - Error

Hello wmbuRn,

I was looking into the issue that you reported. I believe that the issue that you are seeing is due to the texture getting up sampled. The reason that a texture that is a power of two may appear sharper is because the engine more adept at handling them. You could try adjusting your maximum Texture Size to the closest power of two that is lower than the current image size. This will cause it to get down sampled first and will help make the image a little sharper. I hope that this information helps.

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