[Bug] Annoying zoom in headphones when using the engine


I get an annoying zoom in the engine(doesn’t matter what version) in my earbuds, changing then doesn’t affect it, so it isn’t my earbuds.

Does anybody else have this problem?

Hey Mr.Goatsy,

This is a known issue and is not something we can fix as it is hardware specific. We did have a number of various reports dealing with this issue, and it was difficult to pinpoint the cause and determine if this was something on our end we could get fixed. Ultimately we found this was based on individual users machines. You can track the issue and read more about the resolution by following the link provided below.

UE-8073** - Constant Feedback/Static Noise while In Editor

Thanks for taking the time to post this report and let me know if you have further questions.


Andrew Hurley

Specifically, certain motherboards have poor decoupling for the on-board audio circuits, and making the CPU or GPU do heavy or repeated work will generate noise.
Motherboard audio is unfortunately super cheap, no matter what the brand :frowning:

My solution is to use USB headphones for gaming, and a dedicated USB sound module for recording.

I dislike headphones, is there a way to solve this for 3.5mm earbuds?

Try using a USB adapter:
You can plug your earbuds into that, and it may be more insulated.
However, given the low cost, it’s a bit of a gamble…

I can’t use Amazon, I live in the Netherlands.

Well, there’s Amazon in Britain and Germany.
But, presumably, you can buy cheap USB headphone adapters in a regular electronics store?

I ordered one from China, lets hope it fixes it, thanks for the suggestion.