[Bug] AI Controller location doesn't update at runtime

Not sure if this is “by design” or a bug.

In Blueprint if you “Get Actor Location” of an AI Controller (I imagine any controller) it just returns vector where that controller was initialized. It doesn’t update at runtime as controlled pawn moves around. I would expect that AI Controller location would be same as Controlled Pawn location. Just wanted to call it out.

That’s right, Controller’s location doesn’t get updated, ever. That’s by design, but I agree it’s confusing and is a source of common new-comers’ mistakes. We’ll look into addressing it.



It could generate an error at compile time. I know generating semantic errors are a can of worms, but it seems that anytime someone would get location of a controller, result would be undesirable. Just thought.

how can you get location of actor then since you cant Get Actor Location?

I cant seem to figure it out :frowning:

Hey Botanicvelious,

In 4.7.6, you can enable Attach to Pawn in PlayerController BP, which will move controller along with its pawn. Otherwise, easiest way to do this is either use Get Actor Location in pawn, or use Get Controlled Pawn > Get Actor Location inside controller. Hope that helps!

I agree with . I’ve been using Get Controlled Pawn on AI Controller and that’s been working well for me for last year. That seems to be right way to do it.