[BUG] ActorSequenceComponent Failed to Play in 4.26 Source Code Build

Hello, there. I’ve recently upgrade my local engine from 4.25.3 to 4.26.0 and found a criticle issue for me. I use UActorSequenceComponent in my project VFX setup. It was working perfectly in engine 4.25.3. But after upgraded to 4.26.0, I found the UActorSequenceComponent cannot work properly after the Vfx actor spawned at Runtime. One exception is, if the Vfx actor is placed in the level in editor, these actor will play the sequence correctly.
I’ve checked the source code build at commit:9b43fc9a2d4a8c35bc1b0875c167d643e84e2f3f 4.26 branch and this issue is still existing.

Does anyone have idea about this? Any response is appreciated, thank you.

I believe this is this issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-104483)

We’ve fixed this and it will be available in the upcoming 4.26.1 hotfix.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve checked the latest 4.26 branch and this issue is gone.