[Bug]Actor variables missing in derived BP classes.

Here is the zip upped project.MyProject.zip (14.1 KB)
It happens on 4.16 and 4.17.
Did I miss something or it is a bug?
Here is how:
Create an Actor based BP, and add an actor member variable and let’s name it “blah”.
Then create child BP based on the BP just created.
Now you can’t find the variable “blah” in anywhere of the Class Defaults in child BP.
But it works just fine if you change variable type to something else.
PS: changing variable name or category won’t fix.


So I assume this is a bug. If not, please tell me why, thank you!

Edit: you can access this variable normally in event graph.

Are you showing inherited vars?


I know this option.
And even I turned it on, it still missing on the Class Default tag.
Normally it should be on the Class Default tag regarding that option.

I see what you mean. The object variable does not show up in class defaults.

The class defaults are what they are - the initial values. You can’t set the initial value of object variable as the object does not exist yet - you can do it during run time, via exposed on spawn, for example.

Okay, this makes sense now.
Thank you for making it clear.