[Bug] Actor to Blueprint attachment in level breaks after compiling


Being able to attach actors to blueprints in level is great, so first of all thanks for that!

However, attachment breaks after i compile the blueprint.
What i do is this;

  • Place the blueprint in level.
  • Animate the blueprint via Matinee.
  • Create a camera in level.
  • Attach camera to the blueprint, animate via Matinee.
  • Make a change in the blueprint and then compile.
  • Go back to level and play, the camera is detached and snaps to 0,0,0.

It gets fixed if i attach the camera to the BP again right after compiling but this fix doesn’t work when i restart Rocket without re-attaching. Camera moves to 0,0,0 for good.

Hey Mehmet,

Thanks for your report! We were able to reproduce the steps you provided and we believe the root problem is that compiling a blueprint that is placed in the level will detach all actors that the blueprint is a parent of in the Scene Outliner. We have filed a defect for the issue and hope to have this fixed in a future Rocket release.



I’m seeing the same error in 4.17. I had a simple (non-Blueprint) actor attached to a socket in World Outliner. After converting it to a Blueprint, it becomes detached whenever I compile the blueprints, and I have to manually re-attach it before I can try out my changes.

Should I file a new bug on this, or will this comment serve to re-open the original report?