[Bug] Actor randomly stops moving with repeated 'Simple Move to Location'

I have an actor that spawns, and every .1 seconds, moves to the changing location of another moving actor.
For some reason, it will randomly stop while on its way, then continue a few moments later as if nothing happened.
(His goal location is a point right above the circle in the front middle)

Could it be because the goal location is being called at the same rate as the moving actor?

Video Example:…6d2ed415d2.mp4
More video example:…27bbe97f31.mp4

Also if anyone knows a better way to make this happen feel free to give input!

Looking at your code there, a couple of things.

Is it a little weird to use a set timer node in place of a tick? ( I don’t know, frankly ).

Is it correct assume that your test unit will always return a position?

So I did some testing and I think that maybe the marker location is going below your terrain. Try adding a couple units to your z value and see if that fixes the problem.

It’s actually a better method than using ticks. You should use ticks as rarely as possible.