[BUG] 'Actor Hidden in Game' flag affects attachment


I have a series of dummy skeletal meshes that are used to move a camera around when a related matinee sequence is played. The camera is attached to a socket in the mesh, the mesh is where-ever it ends up in the game world, and the animation is played by matinee.

Sometimes, the camera does not move with the dummy as desired; it’ll instead end up at the origin of the dummy, rather than at the socket. I have discovered that the flag ‘Actor Hidden in Game’ is causing this behaviour. Some dummies will stop working when hidden, others will stop working when not.

I’m using 4.6.1 compiled from source.



Edit: I’ve removed matinee from the equation, and actor attachment still fails. I have all four possible scenarios in the same map; one fails when the flag is checked, one fails when it isn’t, one works regardless, and another fails either way. This is an incredibly frustrating issue and I’m not sure how to work around this.

I’ve tried using attach to component, rather than attach to actor as suggested in this thread, but it still fails:

Hello ambershee,

Would you mind providing me with some reproducible steps and/or some visual clues on how you set up your attachment and the ‘Actor Hidden in Game’ process?

If you would like, and if it would be easier, you can send me a private message on the Forums so I can test your example project for this specific issue. The only files I need are your Content, Config, and UProject as well as any source code you may have changed.

We usually do not use this as a suggestion until all of the troubleshooting options are exhausted, but since you have all four separate scenarios that yield the expected results, it could be a quicker way to find a resolution.


Hi Andrew,

I’m going to prepare you with a zip file containing FBX source files and instructions on how to reproduce the issue - is there somewhere I can upload it?



Hi ambershee,

You can send me a private message on the Forums. I go by the same name there as I do here on the AnswerHub.


I have the same problem in my project using UE4.6

I am trying to attach a hidden SkeletalMesh to an Actor. The particular problem I have with it, Ownership replication is not done at this time, causing OnlyOwnerSee and OwnerNotSee to not work correctly.

SkeletalMeshes marked as HiddenInGame(true) simply can’t be attached. I bypass the whole thing using a 1sec timer, which is just bad…

Hey DennyR,

Are you using version 4.6.1 binary (from launcher)?

Can you reproduce this is a new blank template project?

Thank you,

I will try, let me get back to you.

Hey DennyR,

Just checking back to see if you were able to reproduce this in an empty project?


Sorry, I was busy and completely forgot about that. I just tested it and yes, it is still an issue in 4.7.
When trying to attach someting to a SkeletalMesh that is hidden at this point (particularly problematic in network games with the flags bOnlyOwnerSee and bOwnerNoSee when ownership is not yet replicated), it simply does not work.

Hey DennyR,

No worries. Ambershee has sent me a project which I can test the issue with and will report back with my findings. I am more than likely going to be able to write a bug report for the issue, and if that is the case I will still return to this post with an update.

If you have any additional information on this issue that could add to the writing of the bug, or if you have just some additional comments to help me test that would be helpful. Otherwise, if you have any unrelated questions or comments please feel free to let us know.

Thank you,