Bug 823: Cache Location Bug?

I wrote about this some time ago, believe Lubenko acknowledged this as a bug, that using Project Folder for cache location wasn’t working. Managing storage is key, but thwarted by no way to keep cache separate between projects, other than to switch every time you open another project, quit, restart, and even then this can invite confusion. I’ve been busy with capture, just now getting back into RC, see several nice upgrades, but I believe the option for setting cache location to Project Folder is still out of commission. In a new project I used this setting, ran a quick alignment, so no temp folder or such in the directory. Am I seeing this wrong? I look in the project folder and only see two .dat files.

That would be really disappointing since it seems like such a small thing!

Hello Benjamin,

thank you for reporting this, it is a bug on our side. We will inform you once the issue is solved. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Many thanks for the follow up. It’s not a show stopper, but a key house-keeping time such without the fix, so thanks.