Bug 744: Collada (.dae) file export fails reliably

Below is an example project where the mesh export (component 1, model 3) to .dae fails reliably.
Export to .obj works flawlessly.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25588164/dae_export_fail.zip (255MB)

I am using the latest release of the software.

Hi ShadowTail
Thank you for reporting, we will investigate this failure…

On a side note, model has been reconstructed in a PREVIEW mode, why this way ?

I have my preview parameters set higher than normal to get a denser mesh. Depending on the source material that will give me anything between 200k and 800k tris.

That way I quickly get a mostly smooth surface that will look nice after decimating down to something between 8k and 60k vertices.

Which is all that will reliably work for something like Second Life and it is quite often more than decent enough for 3d printing. Sketchfab is also much happier when you upload “smaller” or less complex meshes :slight_smile:

Higher reconstruction quality also tends to introduce a lot more surface noise with some of the source material I have (frames extracted from 1080p and 4k video).

I have tried this export also and it fails every time. Normal and high detail reconstructions.

We have found the error and it will be fixed in the next release… in the meantime, use FBX or OBJ for exports…

Is collada export fixed in version
I am still getting an export failure.


Hi Sebastien
it is not working, but we will release a fixed version soon (in 1-2 days)…

Any news on that update?
Collada export is still failing for me and I have seen no updates since early January.



I am unsure why this topic was marked as solved, but I am running the latest version available from early January and Collada export is still failing. Do you have an ETA on a fix?


It is probably solved in an internal build.

Hmm… over a year later and still not working?

Hello Steven,

thank you for reporting this issue. We will take a look at it, however I cannot give you any deadlines when this issue will be fixed. Thank you for your understanding.