Bug 5608: Scaling goes wrong (distance values are ignored)


I have a project with no GPS or other data in my images.
I created two distances by placing CPs on the images.
The cameras in question are correctly aligned, and the CPs and distances are correctly shown in the model.
I set both distances to their correct lengths (0.25 m), clicked update - and the calculated distance for both is ca. 15 m!

I tried several times, including re-loading the program and file, also in 1.0.2. No help.

I deleted all CPs and created new ones on different image pairs. Same thing: I enter 0.25 m for the distances and it gets scaled to ca. 15 m!

Ran three other projects since, they are all fine. Just this one is messed up.
I do not wish to start it afresh, as the model is already calculated - ten hours…

Hello mallison,
are you sure that every control point is in registered image?
Is it possible send us screenshot of 3D view with GCPs enabled?

I can see some people dealing with your issue in our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CapturingRealityArena/

For non-facebookers:
Is there a solution?

Götz Echtenacher wrote:

For non-facebookers:
Is there a solution?

We are waiting for the dataset.


Link to the project without models.

I double checked: all photos are aligned. This is the SECOND attempt; I had previously created distances with different CPs on different images, and got the error. I deleted all CPs and created these new ones.

any news?

mallison wrote:

any news?

We would like to kindly ask you to upload it again. We had not managed to download it in time.