[BUG] 4.9.1 OR boolean and AND boolean bug in animationBP


[first : excuse my english i’m french]
[scnd : I use UE 4.9.1]
[thrd : i’ve this error " There was an error contacting the remote service " when login the answer hub so i post here ]

I post here to report a Bug (?(maybe)) i’ve found when using animation BP(blueprint) :

1 - i have a character with rig , skin and skeleton .
2 - i have some animations files given( ? -> gived ?) by Epic Game (free starter animation pack )
3 - i have a character BP .
4 - i have an animation BP (for my character of course )
5 - inside the animation BP i’ve setup a state machine and add some conditions to go from one state to another
6 - inside the character BP i’ve two Input Axis (moveForward and MoveRight) ; when i press the corresponding input for this two Input Axis i set two Boolean variable , one for each Input axis (InputA for short)
7 - inside my animation BP i set a cast to my character and as my character i get the value ofmy two Boolean variable and set two new Boolean variable with those value ;

For the understanding :

CharacterBP : Boolean_variable_1 , Boolean_variable_2 .
AnimationBP : newBoolean_v_1 = Boolean_variable_1 and newBoolean_v_2 = Boolean_variable_2 .

8 - inside my animationBP , in my state machine > in my condition to enter in the next state i say :

newBoolean_v_1 = true OR **newBoolean_v_2 = true **–> enter new state ( i mean i get the output value and pin it in the input value to enter next step )

and the Bug come here : the OR (boolean of course ) is acting like an AND(boolean) … yep that’s weird so of course i’ve try another way , for example :

newBoolean_v_1 OR newBoolean_v_2] = true → enter new state.

no change at all , the bug still here … so i’ve telling myself i can try using an **AND **(boolean ) to see what happend
and yeah … what a surprise to see that the **AND **(boolean ) is acting like an **OR **(boolean ) … so yeah i’ve made some garbadge fix to make it work but i think you should look at this because it’s really annoying and of course not logic at all !

If you want more precisions , maybe screenshot or even a video (where i will say in english where is exactly the bug ) just ask me and i will do it as fast as i can to give you all information you need .

Thank you for reading me and have a nice day .