BUG 4.7 Preview - Reroute Node (Node Comment)

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In Blueprint , “Node Comment” on a Reroute Node seems to only be displayed when mouse cursor is over the Reroute Node ,there seems to be no option to “Pin” them.

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Hey Ockert,

This is by design (UE-2353), to help with graph clutter. However, I can see how you might want to be able to pin them so you can read them at a glance. I have entered a feature request for the ability to pin them or an editor preference option to display them (UE-7910). I will let you know when I see any update on it. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Ben ,

Thank you very much for the response and support.

Some additional feedback for you.

I also ran into this issue, and would like the ability to pin comments on reroute nodes. I used comments on reroute nodes extensively with 4.6. It is particularly handy when working with collapsed graphs where the inputs might be needed far away from the Inputs node. I use comments on the reroute nodes to remind myself what that wire is for and so I don’t have to scroll back to the Inputs node (which might not be on screen).

I would rather pinning rather than an editor preference option so all members of my team wouldn’t have to enable this feature.

Thanks for the input, Lee. I’ve added your notes to the feature request and increased the community interest level in it.

Hey Everyone,

This should make it into 4.8, the change has been made and submitted and IIRC the re-route nodes retain the hover behavior by default but are now pinnable as per request.



Thank you Benitoe.

Is there also going to be an editor preference option for it? I want to use it as comments like in [this tutorial][1]. Clicking the pin for every node would be annoying in the long run.
[1]: Using Splines & Spline Components | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Hi Requios,

Currently in 4.8, reroute nodes have the option to show comments only on individual nodes, and you would need to turn them each on. There isn’t an editor preference. There is, however, an additional feature request in our system for additional functionality (UE-12866), and we’re re-examining how this will be handled. Once this is completed, we’ll probably see reroute node comments work the same as comments on other nodes (shown by default, and pin-able individually).

Thank you :slight_smile:

Another feature request with regards to the reroute node would be to be keyboard shortcuts. I use reroute nodes a lot, it will really speed up my visual scripting if there can be keyboard shortcuts for reroute nodes, like “B+RMB” brings up “Branch”, something similar could be really helpful.

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That’s coming soon, possibly as soon as 4.8 =)

Doesn’t looks like it working