BUG [4.7.5] Struct variables fail in Standalone Game

I’m able to reproduce this pretty easily.

  1. Create a struct blueprint and set some variables.
  2. Make a variable of that struct’s type in another blueprint
  3. Get that variable and pass it through a print string.

It works in play in editor and in a packaged game, but NOT in standalone game.

Here’s a test project file:

I’m also running into this, hopefully a fix is on it’s way soon. Until then I’ll just have to make sure to test in viewport. Thanks for posting this.

We are having a similar problem but with C++ structs. Instead they work in editor and standalone but not packaged. This only happens when a child of a class modifies the defaults of the struct.

It’s a known bug and Epic does not want to fix this in 4.7, but it will be fixed in 4.8.