[BUG] 4.7.3 Broke structs and arrays

Sorry if this is the wrong section, I don’t see a place for bug reporting. Since 4.7.3 update, every time I start the engine all my struct classes are broken and display the variable name followed by what looks like a SD5 encryption after it. I can fix this by resetting the data in the struct and bringing in a new node. However, this is only a fix until the engine is restarted and also get data from a struct array will always return data from element 0. This was never a problem before and is completely breaking my project.


You should report bugs on the answerhub.

I actually experienced your bug too, but not in 4.7.3. I still have the strange names of struct nodes (what you call SD5 encryption) but that’s just a cosmetic bug for me. As far as I know my struct are working fine, apart from the fact that all default values get reset all the time :wink:

O.k. Also made a post on there. Do you use struct arrays when you get this error? If so, does it always return the wrong element after you reset the data?

I actually don’t use any struct arrays, I thought you meant structs and arrays separately.

The bug might seem cosmetic but when I attempted to package my game It wouldn’t package untill i manually removed references to any structs that had corrupted in this way.

This is actually fixed in 4.8.0. I think it just barely missed the 4.7.3 cutoff date for making it in.

It is? do you know the commit which fixed this?

Hi everyone,

We were able to reproduce this on our end and have entered a bug report, UE-12550 to be assessed by the development staff.