[Bug] 4.4 Preview is missing menu in OSX

Hi Guys,

4.4 Preview under OSX(10.9.4 Mavericks), is missing the menu. Here’s a screenie:


4.3.1 doesn’t exhibit this issue.



Thanks for the report, but this is a new feature :slight_smile:

4.4 moves the menus into the Mac menubar, like all other Mac apps.

Whoops! Awesome!

I hope you like it. We also made a lot of changes to how windows behave, they’re no longer tied to main window, so it should behave much more like a typical Mac app - Cmd+~ works properly now, it should play nicely with Exposé and solve a number of problems with multi-monitor setups. And Cmd and Ctrl keys are no longer treated as the same key, so you can assign them separately. Thanks to this we could finally assign Cmd+W to close window (Ctrl+W is now used for Duplicate).

I hope you’ll find all those changes useful. As always, we’ll appreciate feedback! Thanks.