[BUG] 4.25 - Photo Studio Mobile Preview ES 3.1

Hey all, I am wondering if anyone experienced this before.

I created a new Photo Studip template with no content, and no raytracing enabled. I then immediately switched the Preview Rendering Level to Android ES 3.1. After that it immediately crashed. The worst part is? The file can never be opened again. Everytime I open it it just closes down, doesn’t go past the splash screen.

I have a project I need to recover from this. Please help, thank you!

Hello, I have exactly the same problem. How do I force the editor to start with SM5 again?
Can I uninstall ES.3 preview somehow?
Is there anything that I can change in any *.ini file of the project?
I am desperate…


@ghuuu @MyckeeG
If your Config/DefaultEngine.ini has ‘r.MobileMSAA=’ anything not 1, change it to 1.
I had exactly the same problem and it solved my issue.