[Bug 4.25/4.26] Structure with map that has value type as Class Refence corrupts

This gif shows the problem. https://gifyu.com/image/fEOo When creating a map inside a structure and where the value type is Class Reference and then restarting the project, the value type goes to placeholder and then it corrupts any structure that take that structure as a variable. I don’t know if that happens in earlier versions or in the 4.26 version.

Tried that already, this bug happened to me with a much more complex project where I used a old class for a map inside the structure.

No idea if this will work but what happens if you create the class first, save all and restart, then create struct map?

Problem is still in 4.26.

Map in structure has general bugs. I suggest to review that.
It happens that the map is broken when I try to add a new variable in the structure insted.
Please fix this because everytime I add a new variable I need to fix all references.