[BUG] 4.2 Show stats does not work if the checkbox is clicked


The new stats options in viewport (show>stat>…) does not work if you click on the check boxes but works only when you click on the names. This does not allow you to turn on multiple stats at once and is broken.


Hi HypnoticShark -

I am not having a problem checking multiple Stat boxes using a click on the words or the boxes. Can you let us know exactly which version of the 4.2 engine you are using, Launcher or Compiled ?

Also make sure that you are seeing a very slight highlight effect when you mouse over the check box which should allow you to click and mark it then when you click back into the editor the selected STAT info should appear.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

I am using the launcher version of 4.2. Yes the highlight does appear and when I click on the check boxes for the stats, they do get checked but when I go back to the editor the stats don’t appear. If I were to just click on the name, the drop down menu goes away and the stats appear and it works. But, I have to bring it back up again to add additional stats that I would like to see.

Which Stats are you trying to pull up first or does it not matter?

it doesn’t matter. Even if I try just one, it does not work with the checkboxes. I tried unit and it does not show.

Ok it started working. I had to maximize and restore the viewport to get it to work. I will let you know if this happens again