BUG: 4.18 Single Click World Outliner Object results in Object's Details Panel Being Shown

Fresh installation of 4.18.0 and when single clicking ANY object in the World Outliner that object’s Detail are switched to immediately and displayed.

This has caused me to undock the World Outliner panel and dock it inside the viewport thus reducing several inches of my work space.

No amount of anything I do corrects the problem.
I am hesitant to update the engine until i get notification that this is resolved.
I also see that this problem in a case or two has not been fixed in 4.18.1 either.

No amount of restarting, reloading, rebooting helps.
Nor is there any sign of corrupt installation,dropped packets, missing files,driver or hardware malfunction or any other errors/warnings/problems detected.

Staff Please advise.


This is intended functionality of the engine. When you select an object in the level or world outliner, it displays that objects details in the details panel


Is there a way to disable it? It’s incredibly annoying when trying to select more than one object from the outliner.

Hello again,

There is not a way to disable this feature.


But is the auto tab focus necessary?
It functioned correctly before, the details were displayed only upon clicking the details tab.

I second this, I use the outliner constantly to search for different objects. Having it swap to details every time is really inconvenient.

please give us an option to enable/disable this behaviour.

  • it’s terrible when you try to select multiple objects
  • if you have selected items and click in the panel, it open an empty “details” panel
  • impossible to select something tou want to delete (because you automatically jump to detail !)

try to select something in order to delete it and this feature becomes a bug :slight_smile:

please really try to understand


i agree !
I found a workaround, the world outliner works as expected if you dock it in another group (far from detail panel)
i have docked it near my content browser, detail panel stop to pop after each click :slight_smile:


I do agree. It’s so annoying.

I try to select an object, it opens up details panel !

I try to move objects into folders, it opens up details panel !

I try to parent an object, it opens up details panel !

I say hi, it opens up details panel

I …, it opens up details panel

I wonder who suggested this and how you guys call it a feature !?!

At least make it double click.


It opens up details panel !!!