[Bug] 4.14 data table crashes, also causes saved functions to vanish

I just had a crash where a saved function to query a data table was completely emptied of all blueprint contents when the execution of it crashed. Opening the level again, I found the function still in the same place, but the contents of the function are missing.

This is a bit of a disconcerting bug, especially since my data tables have between 10 and 40 cells right now while I would expect the system can handle without throwing a fit. After about 10 crashes, i’ve given up and abandoned the data tables

Below you can see what I am attempting. The first messy looking one is where I take an id and assign it to a manually added node. I’d prefer to do this in a table, so i created a different function to run through the json and translate the id based on the table.

I’ve noticed less crashing without the foreachloop, but in any case, functions shouldn’t be cleared on a crash.

Are other people experiencing this?