[Bug] 4.11 - Problem with modular character and morph targets


I have a simple modular character where the head is separate from the body.

I have them set up correctly in the character blueprint, using the SetMasterPoseComponent node and it all works well when animating the character.

I have facial expression morph targets set up on head mesh. There are no morph targets set up on the body mesh.

The problem is that when I set any of the morph targets on the head, the body gets all messed up.

Is this a bug? Does anyone know what causes this and how it can be fixed??

P.S. I don’t know how to move this post to the Bug Report section.


I can confirm, happens to my project too. This problem did not happen in 4.10. I got this weird bug when I upgraded to 4.11.

Could an admin please move this to the Bug Report section. Thanks.

The bottom of this post had mr. xulture explained the issue which I think is the problem: [link text

“In particular, child mesh must have all morphs that parent mesh has, and in this situation everything works fine.”

I believe this problem had been recognized by Ue4 developement staff. But I may be wrong.

Thanks for the info. That does sound like the same bug. I’ll follow that thread and wait for a patch.