[Bug?] 4.10.2 - Ambient Occlusion material input doesnt work on mobile platforms


I have only tried to use this feature on version 4.10

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make a new Default level (the one with the sky environment) and place a sphere it.

  • Edit the material on the sphere. (Its the BasicShapeMaterial from the engine but this is just a test. Plug the texture “T_DefaultTexture2_D” from the Engine Materials folder into the Ambient Occlusion input - Save Material.

  • In the PC preview window for shader model 5 and 4, areas of the model in direct light will not show the texture that was plugged into the ambient occlusion input. Areas in shade will show the texture. As desired, so far so good.

  • Switch to the mobile preview and the ambient occlusion texture is not shown at all.

Does this feature work on mobile platforms?

Hi TeamKingdom -

Ambient Occlusion is unsupported on Mobile Platforms, this includes the calculation of AO in the Material.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum