Buffs - partly working in dev kit

I’m fooling around with the cookables available, and they’re a bit… Confusing. Battle Tartare for example:

Damage isn’t adjusted in the dev kit. Vs a dummy and vs a tame, my damage does not change.

Speed does work, though.

I don’t see where the +15% damage resistance comes from.

Can anybody explain these things?

If what you’ve said is correct it’s +15% damage resistance, there for you don’t deal the damage. That’s why you don’t see an increase vs anything. It’s from damage being received from enemies.

I’m looking at battle tartare, which yields +65% melee damage, +15% damage resistance, and +50% movespeed. When I consume it, my character moves faster. However, attacking a dummy and a tamed dino deals the same amount of damage with and without the tartare. In the Consumable file itself, as well as the buff file, I do not see anything that indicates +15% damage resistance.

Ah ok. Hmm interesting. There should be something in the buff file to indicate the resistance. I’ll check it out next time I have the kit open an see if I can find anything. If I do before you I’ll post back.

Have a look at “Receive Damage Multiplier”. It’s 0.85 for the BattleTartare Buff. A tip to find things like this quickly: hit the little eye button right of the search bar, select “Show Only Modified Properties”. This way you will only see values that differ from the parent class.

Beautiful. Thank you.