Buffel Ceiling Flicker Problem

Hi everyone!

I have flicker problem in ue4 and i dont know how to fix it. I attached 2 pics. One is very close to the ceiling and there is no problem but when i walk away from ceiling i have very bad flicker problem. I build it in production mode. There are so many spotlights around and lightmap resolution of ceiling is 2048 but still i have that problem…

Thanks for your answers…

That’s an aliasing issue, you can try to adjust the anti-aliasing settings but you might not be able to fix an issue like that.

thanks for the reply… can i increase anti-alising value? and from where?

You can increase the screen percentage
r.ScreenPercentage 30 - 300

It will considerably cost you performance though, depending on your machine… 200 is usually the maximum I can get on a 1080.

The machine power is not important for me because i have 3 gtx 1080 ti on my machine… But there is not any anti-aliasing quality settings in post process volume tab.

Considering a 1080 ti doesn’t exist, that’s pretty impressive.

yeah you are write that was my mistake. I have gtx 1080 without “ti” :slight_smile: but i still have the problem if that is a anti-aliasing problem…

Do what schan said, or use screen percentage in post processing. Note that it may not show up until you press play.