Buff Question

I am creating a series of buffs that need to survive a sever reset. I have them set to survive leveling but for some reason they get removed when I have to update the server.

What I am looking for is the box I need to check to make them work.

Thank you in advance.

I have also tried the Prevent Saving checkbox as it has a check in it by default so I assumed that was preventing it from working. The buff is still removed any time I restart the server. :\

survive leveling is not to save the buff trough a restart, thats like the Swampfever, level up and the buff is gone, with this option you can prevent this effect

@ Yeah, I figured that out :slight_smile: What I am looking for is the ability to have the buff remain even after a server restart from updates for example. There are so many checkboxes on the buff blueprint that are a little bit obfuscated so I thought I would ask on the forums if anyone knew how to make a buff stay after a server restart. Again, I have the buff working to stay after player death as well as leveling at this time.

mhhhh i don’t work really with buffs, only my map buffs like sand snow storm etc xD they are only for time active

UPDATE: It would appear the the checkbox: “Allow Buff Stasis” does keep the buff going after a server reset.