Buff from equipping item

I’ve been tinkering with a few items that give buffs. I can get items to give buffs just fine on use. However, I cannot get them to give buffs on equip. Can anyone help me see what I’m missing here?

Interestingly, I can get it to apply the buff upon equipping the item, but it gives it to the player. That is because I can’t find a variable for the Owner, but I can find a variable for the OwnerPlayer. This is super close, but after spending hours trying to find a way to apply the buff to the Owner, I’ve decided to reach out for some help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I can accomplish adding buffs to a dino upon equipping this costume, that’d be amazing. It doesn’t matter how, via a script or just with the settings on the costume itself (as that works perfectly for consuming the item instead of equipping it).

Anyway, thanks in advance.

I think there’s a setting for “BPEquip”, you’d have to enable that then implement it. If you just search “BP” in the default tab you should find it.

I have it enabled, and also implemented it. That’s how I got it to give to buff to the OwnerPlayer. But, like I said, there doesn’t seem to be a variable for Owner, just OwnerPlayer. There also doesn’t seem to be a method for retrieving the Owner either.

Do you know of a way to get the Owner when implementing BPEquip? Am I missing a variable / method somewhere?

Uncheck context sensitive and you should find Get Owner.

Take a look at the scuba shirt with tank to see how they give a buff on equip

Ha! I can’t believe I forgot about the tanks… I was seriously racking my brain last night for ~30 min trying to think of an item that already added a buff, and never thought of this. I figured it’d be something easy as pie. Thanks, all’s working well now!