Budget Pc for UE4

Hi i’m building budget pc for UE4 development, I live and work in xxxxxx up country and our monthly solary is very low compared to those in north Eu/Usa (400-450$) so i did save a bit and now plan to build new pc. I would prefer to see few build ideas for what should work (prefer to be able to work on that pc for next 5-6 years so if you have any upgrade you can suggest that is within 850$ budget i would like to hear about it).

Cpu: intel i5 4590 - 4690 (don’t plan to overclock it so no k version)
Gpu: Radeon r9 270x
Mbo: ASRock H97 PRO4 (or similar i don’t see diference betwen 50$ mbo and 500$ one)
Ram: cheapest 1600 8gb (if budget alows 16gb)
Hdd/Ssd: 240 gb ssd if budget alows else 500 gb hdd
psu cheapest i can find that give enought power
case cheapest ever
Keyboard/mouse/lcd combined 125-150$

If you think i can maybe get away with i7 4790k (and cooling) and start working with it and buy dedicated gpu for up to 200$ 2-3 months later.
(games i play can work on calculator (heroes III/wow (vanilla) diablo 2/3 poe) so nothing special needed for that so if there is maybe less known gpu that suck for gaming but kills in ue4 pls write)

You should never cheap out on a PSU. The PSU is the most important part of your PC. You should try and get a 550W Antec, XFX, EVGA, Seasonic, Superflower or Corsair (HX/AX/TX) PSU. 240GB SSD by itself isn’t enough. You’d want at least an additional 1TB (or more!) HDD. If you’re focusing on performance then don’t spend much on stuff like keyboard/mouse (ironically I just spent $250 on a new keyboard and mouse a couple weeks ago! So much better than crappy Dell). You should really try and get a quality display.


You can go “cheap” on RAM and Mainboard, since both are usually good enough anyways, but cheap PSU can damage the entire rest of you PC and there are really awful products out there.

An alternative to the i5 can be the Xeon E3-1231 V3, which is roughly equal (MHZ-wise in-between the 4590 and 4690 i5) but can perform better at paralized operations, which might be nice for rendering. Since you don’t want to OC, which is problematic for the Xeon unless using a custom bios on specific boards, it might be worth a look. The price range should be near the i5.

how about i7 to start working on ue4 (landscape and enviroment only no particle effect or anything fancy) and geting r9 270x or something in its price range within 2-3 months of more serious scenes.

I think your parts will make up a very solid base. Nice choices there, except for one. Yes, it’s the PSU. DO NOT SKIMP on paying for a PSU. I prefer Corsair or Bequiet! myself. Although I’ve also read good things about Antec and the other brands that Icaraeus mentioned.

You can easily update everything else as time goes by. Get an HDD now, and add an SSD later.

Make sure the mobo has enough slots to add more RAM later. :slight_smile: (It’s a small thing, but don’t get 4x2GB RAM sticks, and then find out you only have 4 slots) .

Good luck. :slight_smile:

PSU is misleading. I agree that the more the better but for his built 350w is more then enough. I run an i5 and a 740 GPU ddr3…no probs. I would increase the system ram to 16 if u can. It will make a huge diff. as all items are dumped into ram.

Why you don’t consider GTX 960?

Cheaper and better at almost all aspects

I’d second that, there isn’t really anything wrong with a 270X, but it’s an older architecture.

I have a 500GB hdd and I only have UE4 + other game dev software and some art on it, nothing else and it fills up every few months (BIG temp/cache files).
So I’d recommend just getting a big HDD for now, and upgrade later.

Buy a XFX TS PSU its very cheap and very high quality