budget pc for learning unreal engine

Hi. I would like some suggestions on what parts to get to start my learning experience.
I would like something that will not struggle with every simple task but my budget is limited to 650€ *i can add some more ram and ssd later down the road.

Also how hard would it be to make game like Kotor / Neverwinter Nights for 1 man?

Budget PC:

Rosewill Challenger Case
Hyper 212 EVO CPU Fan
Sentey 650W PSU

Those parts add up to around 660 Euros, that is pretty much my rig, but with less RAM, no SSD, and a better CPU. If the price is still too high, you can go with the AMD-7850K quad-core CPU for $80 cheaper (don’t be fooled, that processor isn’t slow by any means, I really don’t have any complaints about it, and it works fine for gaming), which is what I have, and is actually amazing. As far as making something like Neverwinter, I’ve only played it once, and don’t know how big it is, but I could probably do it solo in under 6 months if I spent 8 hours a day working on it, but the visuals would be awful.

I personally would recommend you to take a look at this thread: There you can find different setups + how they run the UE4 -> you just have to google the price of them :slight_smile:

So can something like this run ue4 @ 30-40 fps while working
Athlon x4 840k @ 4.2GHz
R9 380 2gb
Asus a88x pro
8 gb ram

I’m no expert, but based on the price tag of that CPU listed, you’ll want something better. With my setup that I listed above, I get 130 FPS in editor with a 2x2 KM map filled with trees. You will likely be bottlenecked by that CPU, so a GPU like the R9 380 would likely be a pointless buy until you upgrade your CPU. In case it matters, the CPU I have (AMD 7850-K) gets me 30-60 FPS by itself without a GPU in case you might want to save money for the time being. I imagine the CPU I listed would perform even better by itself.

Hm well as much as im informed athlon x4 860k is defected a10 7850k where igpu is broken but pure cpu part of it works perfectly so unless a10 7850k igpu helps in ue when there is dedicated gpu there should be no difference.

If by iGPU you mean integrated graphics, they are pretty good in the AMD-7850K

I most likely expressed my self wrong.
Amd a10 7850k + r9 380 if ue4 can used graphic from a10 while there is gpu like r9 in system then it need to perform better. In case ue4 cant use a10 igpu while there is something like r9 in the system then it will be same as athlon 860k as that cpu is same as a10 7850k with igpu disabled.
*same as fx 4/6/8 core cpu work. 1 defected module? cut out 1 module from fx 83xx and make it 6 core fx 63xx. 2 modules dont work? cut 2 modules and make fx 43xx from it. Same thing apply there for a10 and athlon igpu defected? cut it out and make athlon from it.

I doubt that UE4 can use both integrated graphics and a GPU at the same time, it can’t even use 2 GPUs at once.

I have :
Gpu R9 270 2 gb
Cpu amd phenom black edition x3 2.9 Ghz
6 gb ram
I can run every ue4 demo on Epic settings at around 100 fps.
Only problem(not a huge problem) that I have is that I need to wait 20 seconds for materials to update.