Budget-friendly alternatives in hardware requirements?

I’m looking to start using Unreal Engine 4 to create games, but my PC does not have the correct hardware to run the program. I’m looking into buying new parts/new PC, but some requirements (like the graphics card, either an NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX/AMD Radeon 6870 HD) cost too much. Are there any budget-friendly alternatives to the hardware requirements?

While a GTX 470 is quite old at this point, if that costs too much for you then you can’t afford anything at all, $25 is what that goes for on Ebay

@darthviper107 I don’t normally trust Ebay. While it goes for cheap on Ebay, that’s suspiciously cheap for something that, when searched for on Amazon, costs around $250.

Then you have no concept of what something is worth, the reason it’s listed like that on Amazon is that it’s not in production anymore so really the only way to get it is used through Ebay. The prices on Amazon are the kind of thing that they set for people that don’t know any better. You can get a far better new graphics card for $250

**@DickieWang **Consider telling us what your overall / parts budget is and whether you’re after brand new or used components. Folks are usually eager to recommend best bang for buck setups with future proofing in mind to boot.

Meanwhile, have a look here:

Even thought it’s quite possible to work in UE4 with lower end hardware than the *Fair *category listed there, you should not really dip below that. Not having 16GB of system RAM can become an issue fairly quickly.

also: $250 for a 470 is a joke unless it’s a brand new collector’s edition and you’re planning on keeping it on display. It’s worth around 10% of that, at most.