Budding sound designer - need some advice

So I’ve studied sound design, audio recording and music at various points in my life (now 28) and now working in consumer electronics for an audio manufacturer.
I want to go back to my roots of audio production and music, so working within sound design sounds like something I’d love to get stuck into again.

I’m starting to think about how to showcase what I can do and after reading a few articles some people have suggested CDs and the such but I had a different idea.

The thought is to build a simple game environment within UE (probably mostly using provided props, but some built by me too with limited skills) and use different levels, areas or rooms to show off different sound design.
Thinking things like different footsteps on different surfaces, maybe a QTE with scripted actions, some ambient sounds like cave and woodland sounds… could be a whole bunch of things.

There is scope for this to not only be my ‘interactive showreel’ but also a great learning process for UE4 and myself as a sound designer.

But if anyone is from the games industry on here or works within it, is this going to work?
It could end up being quite large and of course could chop it down for certain studios. For example ones that work on FPS won’t be interested in cartoon sound effects perhaps.

As a learning tool I’m thinking it could work well, but is anyone actually going to sit and play the game I made as my showreel? Am I just being overly optimistic?

Hey, I think that’s a good idea. Really you just need to demonstrate your skills and get it in front of people’s faces(ears :P).

I think the best direction would be just find a (productive)team and offer to handle their audio. The best way you can prove to other people that you can do game audio is to show them a game with your work in it.

+1 for that
But beside that I would also make sure to have some sounds on soundcloud/… so that they can check out your work really quickly (probably they dont want to play an entire game) :slight_smile: