Bucolic Village ue4

Hello! Nebi is finally back for the 3rd work :slight_smile:

In a first place I decided to put my spawn in the middle of a Dark Cave (1st & 2nd Screenshot below)

Right after it you’ll find a Bucolic Village built using “Advanced village pack”. There are several screenshots showing different points of vue. I’ll simply focus on the very last one showing a dark Portal simbolizing the end of the level.

I’m still chasing for any feedbacks from your side to improve my skills guys, so don’t hesitate giving them :slight_smile: they’ll be much appreciated!

Now, let’s go on 4th Job!!! Bye!

I like it, has a nice atmosphere!

Thanks a lot KhenaB!

I like it with the flowers, some nice atmo.

Thanks Luftbauch, i work on a new SF project, hope you’ll like it too :slight_smile: