BTTask Problem

I have a problem and cand figure out why this happens.

In my BTT_Attack_Enemy (BTTask) i check if the bot is near (140) the Player and branch this to a funktion.
If it is use the funktion of the BotPawn (SetIsInMeeleRange).
If not use the funktion of the BotPawn (SetIsNotInMeeleRange).

So. The Bot See’s the player, moves to it. Loose the Player and stop Moving. See the Player again and start moving to him.
Once at the Player he start attacking. The player moves away and the bot stop attacking but dont start move to him.

Without the Bot Function Calls all works well. Why this two calls break it ?
I Placed a PrintString behind the “MoveToActor”-Function and it is called but the Bot dont move.
Any Idea ?

The Two Functions only Set a bool in the PlayerPawn to Handle the animation in the AnimationBlueprint.

Thanks. DarkSoe

You might want to post a screenshot of your BTTask if you’re able to. It’s hard to know from your description what’s going on. Have you run in the debugger and made sure that the blackboard values are all what you’re expecting them to be? Are you checking the return from MoveToActor? Are you watching in the debugger to make sure none of your casts are failing?

There are so many things that could be going on, I think you’re going to need to provide more information for anyone to be able to provide meaningful feedback.

Yeah, Alls Values are right.